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Client Testimonials

You don't have to be special to achieve life-changing results, you just have to want it. Learn what makes Kirstin's program so unique and special...hint, it's you!


Kirstin’s program gave me the tools to understand my problem and why I do what I do, which then taught me how to change it. Her program made me feel so much calmer about my weight. Food used to be constantly on my mind, and I was frustrated because “dieting” and “being fat” were all I thought about. I was so tired of thinking about it. I was always beating myself up when I was “bad”. But now I feel so much calmer. I'm not mad at myself anymore. And it’s not the only thing on my mind.

I believe entirely that I'm not on a diet now, which changed my whole outlook on this journey. Yes, I have ups and downs but I don't make myself pay for it anymore. Kirstin gave me the tools to change the way I think and do things.

Kirstin's weight loss program is so different. Yes, it is a weight loss program, but it's not just a weight loss program. It's like I'm being built up from within. She helped me feel so much more confident, and believe that I could do it. This is what everybody needs. It's just so different. I can't say anything but positive about Kirstin's program.


Kirstin’s approach to wellness is tailored to achieve lifelong results. Not only that, but she helps you to feel empowered to problem solve all the way through life’s inevitable challenges. Weight loss is not just about food and exercise. Kirstin’s program is grounded in research but also the compassion that she possesses as a person.

I refer to Kirstin’s advice everyday but in a very subtle way. Her program espouses a very positive approach where you feel excited about understanding your unique reactions to life and the solutions that she suggests…or rather she encourages you to suggest. Kirstin really works at making this your process…not hers.

Life is full of ups and downs: weight loss, fitness, happiness, and over all wellness are very much tied to that. Kirstin’s program does not use a quick fix model but rather a long-term approach that sticks with you and gives you back the power you may have lost and perhaps can answer some very important questions as to why you find yourself looking at this website in the first place.

I urge you to look farther into her program and invest in what actually is much less expensive monetarily than most programs. Invest in your future happiness. You will find that Kirstin supports you by helping you to have the strength to move forward step by step.

I think of Kirstin often but now have the skills to be happy, make wise choices and understand my negative behaviours.

Good luck with your journey.


I can't help but want to say how happy I am to have had the opportunity to learn from Kirstin... she is an amazing, warm and inspiring person!

What I realized on this journey working with Kirstin is that it is more than just weight loss, it's about sustainable healthy living... and yes fitting back into some of my older clothes feels empowering, but being healthier moving forward means more to me...

What’s exciting is that she has a tremendous program to create motivation, and to put that motivation to work towards a healthier life!!

I must say that Kirstin provides much more than a weight loss solution. From personal experience, I can say that she focuses on setting “lifestyle” goals and objectives that are truly sustainable. Whether that’s creating new healthy habits or eliminating unhealthy ones.

This is a “real” program offered with empathy and professionalism.

I had a mentor once who told me to associate yourself with the best people, products, etc. in our would make you better. In Kirstin’s case I do feel I have associated with the best person and program...and believe it’s okay to share that.

Thank you!

Yes, notify me when the journey begins!

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