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Kirstin McKinnon has been practicing as a Registered Nurse since 2006 and as Nurse Practitioner since 2013. It was her passion for wellness, health promotion, and prevention that inspired her to attain her Master’s in Nursing, followed by her certifications as a health coach and personal trainer. When Kirstin was 24 years old, she felt that on the outside she “had it all”; she was married, had a good job as a Public Health Nurse and lived in a beautiful house. Yet, on the inside, she was unhappy, insecure, and feeling lost in life. Kirstin knew that she had a passion inside of her, but didn’t know how to live it. It wasn't until she came across a book that ignited the initial spark that changed her life.
She did a lot of work to figure out her purpose in life. Kirstin’s list included helping people in need, promoting health and fitness, helping people manage or prevent conditions such as diabetes and heart attacks, creating relationships all while being inspired and inspiring others. Most of all, Kirstin knew she wanted to help people find their strengths and build them up. However, to help other people develop confidence, Kirstin first had to do this for herself and as a result she started her journey of self-discovery and confidence building. It was a long process, until she one day realized that the self-limiting beliefs that had been weighing her down for so long were all false!
Kirstin then saw herself from a new perspective and, consequently she continues to invest in building and maintaining her confidence. Most noteworthy, taking that journey freed her to follow her passion of helping people to lose weight, and improve their overall health, happiness, and self-belief. Kirstin loves meeting people, hearing their stories, and helping them discover their strengths, and sees her role as a non-judgmental support person and embraces it. An encouraging, friendly, and confidential environment is what she strives to provide for all.


After completing her Master’s Degree as a Nurse Practitioner, Kirstin attained her National Society of Health Coaches Health Coach certification and British Columbia Recreational and Parks Association Personal Trainer certification. Kirstin set a career goal to combine her knowledge and skill set as a health care professional, health coach, and personal trainer to help people optimize their health, and prevent or improve health conditions such as obesity, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, dementia, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. With those goals and educational background, she founded McKinnon Health Solutions.

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Kirstiin McKinnon offers medical weight loss programs
McKinnon Health Solutions is a home-based weight loss and wellness clinic in Qualicum Beach that offers one-on-one consultations. You can reach us by phonephone, email or visit our contact page to request an appointment.

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